bigger batch than usual. i'm thinking of resuming my manga coloring shenanigans, esp since i finally managed to download a bunch of doujins to practice on.

but yeaaaaahhhh maybe next time.

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utakoi is my new favorite thing. who knew the heian period could be so cheesy sexy tsundere? not really what i was expecting when i first read the premise of the series but hnggh definitely not disappointed. it's either this -- or the tale of genji animation (which isn't bad, per se; just genji going "listen to my tale of woe as we have sex" every episode . . .).

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07 April 2012 @ 08:45 am
part 2 because i can't stoppppppp iconning them. i didn't even know there'd be a part 2. but hey, more debut!! and please don't ask why the hell ren and masato are in a fish costume. I HAVE NO IDEA AS WELL.

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05 April 2012 @ 07:18 pm
pre-easter post, and because i was in the middle of canon-reviewing. i think i managed to icon at least half (or less) of the utapri fanarts in my folder. some of them, i found in tumblr. others in pixiv so yeah. i might not have all artists who made the fanart.

you may notice that cecil's not there . . . only because i don't have fanarts of him lmfao i'm so sorry. also there's a lack of debut boys but that's mostly because they have ughhhh so little fanart around.

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nsfw once more, thanks to my old nisemono icons -- and a bit of aquarion evol. aquarion evol is like star driver all over again, except this time orgasms are happening inside the cockpit. yes, i am serious. i def recommend it 8Db

also, the caps for escaflowne are actually from the last episode and that weird deleted scenes thing from the remastered version. that's why escaflowne, alseides and the flying fortress are like -- above tokyo. there was even a scene where they were being chased by fighter jets. yeah no idek how they are deleted scenes but apparently they are. it also has like variations of the ending scene.

i'll icon more when i find the time in the middle of rereading asoiaf.

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this is not dial-up friendly and kinda-sorta nsfw.

see, there's a reason why i shouldn't be in the hospital. hospital = lots of time to make icons = sele ignores tags once more. lmfao lucille's tags are festeringgggggg. again, more icon bias. but hey, at least it's more -- varied this time? i'll start iconing brave 10 next because wow koyasu get out.

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06 February 2012 @ 09:12 pm
because i'm being harangued . . . GO AFFILIATE! GO GO GO!!

like a love song; )

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i obviously haven't posted icons for a while, even in lj so i'm just dumping all the icons left on my hard drive to finally clear everything up and start again. most of them (if not all, really) were made for rp purposes which is why there is character bias all around. hnggh peony hnggh.

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